Defining Life Project

dlp_titleOne thing that you might notice that is a bit different with my blog are the posts under the “Defining Life Project” category. As I stated when I started this project in the introductory post (which you can find here), I have been collecting these for over 4 years now & after starting this blog I thought it might be a good idea to showcase the definitions. I thought it might be easier to also have this page to redirect people to why I started the project than having visitors & followers jump back to the introduction.

So here’s my short version back story:

The summer after I turned sixteen, I had an idea for a project that I thought could eventually become a book (I had never thought of sharing them on a blog until a couple summers ago). I had just crossed over a rough patch in my life & things were starting to look better. One night I was laying in bed & I asked myself “what exactly is life?”. I did not really think of an answer at that exact moment, but I thought about how everyone thinks of it differently. I decided at that moment to get a collection of answers to the questions “what is life?” & share my thoughts on the answers with an explanation of why exactly I was on this strange quest to find the answers. I decided to make it a little personal with each answer by pairing the definition with the person’s initials.  I worked on the project a lot within the first months of starting it by asking my friends, posting about it on Facebook, & asking people at social events. I was that girl who cared around a purple journal with stickers & a pen to ask people their definitions. I would give most people the small back-story of why I was doing this because it is kind of strange when someone you do not know asks you this question that is so little, but can mean so much to someone.

If you’d like to contribute your definition to the project, send me an email at thevintageurbaniteblog[at]gmail[dot]com.


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