Over-The-Rhine | Cincinnati, OH

Hey there! My blog schedule has been pretty inconsistent recently (hoping to get back on track soon), but I thought I would pop in to share some photos that I took during my trip to Over-The-Rhine.  When I went to Cincinnati at the beginning of the month we spent Saturday afternoon walking around Over-The-Rhine. I really wanted to visit OTR because when we drove through on our way home from Louisville last school year I was in love with the architecture and we had talked about the revitalization efforts in my planning classes. We took the streetcar, the Cincinnati Bell Connector, from Findlay Market (which I recapped here) to the riverfront in downtown (which I’ll share in another post) and then back to Findlay Market. The streetcar was a fun way to see the city! After the streetcar, we found a place to park and walked around the neighborhood. We stopped in a few shops and grabbed a snack at Brezel.

The last photo (above) is the Cincinnati Music Hall! It’s currently being renovated – isn’t it beautiful? I would love to see the inside once they finish the renovations. OTR is an interesting neighborhood because of all of the revitalization efforts that have led to gentrification. I think the displacement of people is apparent in the mural shared above with “Housing Now,” “Housing For All,” and “We Shall Not be Moved.” There’s still a fair share of buildings that are boarded up and have yet to see redevelopment, but I can imagine the rents in the area have risen since the redevelopment and reinvestment. I’m happy that effort was put into saving the neighborhood because of the historic architecture, but as a planner, I want to be cautious of building for new people and keeping the old residents. We’re seeing that happen in the neighborhood I work in – a lot of new investment in one part of the neighborhood, but people forget about the people that lived here for years and their rents are raising. Since I am not from Cincinnati, I can only speak to what I’ve learned in school about OTR and my observations.I know they offer historic tours of OTR and maybe I’ll do that in the future to learn more. I enjoyed my visit and I feel like there was a lot of OTR that we didn’t see!

Have you been anywhere interesting recently? Have a great Thursday!


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