Findlay Market | Cincinnati, OH

Over the weekend I took a trip down to Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky to visit two friends from OSU. One is going to grad school for planning in Cincinnati and the other is working as a planner in Covington. When we were brainstorming what to do during my visit both of them said Findlay Market was a must. I’ve been to Cincinnati several times (my mom’s side of the family lives in Cinci), but never really explored it much and I had not visited Findlay Market. Chase and I went to Cincinnati a few summers ago for a concert, but most of our time exploring was spent downtown.  It was great to see a different side of the city during this trip!

We started our Saturday at Findlay Market. Both of them got some groceries and I bought a few goodies. I had toast at the Toast Bar at Blue Oven that was amazing. I also had coffee at Cake Rack and we saw the cutest dog sitting with his owner. The owner had taught him a trick to “smile” for a treat and it was adorable. After walking (+eating) around the Market, we took the Street Car to see other parts of the city and spent time walking around Over-The-Rhine. I really wish Columbus had a market like Findlay Market. We have the North Market, but it’s more of a food court than a place to get groceries. It used to be more like Findlay, but it’s changed a lot over the years. Findlay is the fifth market that I’ve been to – West Side Market in Cleveland, Pike Place Market in Seattle, Eastern Market in Detroit, and the North Market in Columbus as the other four. I hope this number grows as I go to new places!

What’s your favorite market?I have a couple other posts planned from this trip, so stay tuned to see those. Have a great weekend!


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