Monthly Recap

March Recap

Happy last day of March! It has been a full month! The fullness was part of the reason that I was absent from the blog for two separate weeks. April is also going to be a busy month for me – almost all of my weekends are full of things! To kick-off the new month, I am going to visit a few friends in Cincinnati and Covington for the weekend. Before jumping ahead to April too much, here’s a recap of what happened in March:

I had two of my photographs in an art show at my church during the Short North Gallery Hop. The show was a collection of women artists and the show was a reflection of the Women’s March + the empowerment of women. The opening night of the gallery was such an amazing experience. I was on a high all night long because I felt the empowerment and support from everyone in attendance (plus the surplus of wine + cheese). And to top it off, I sold both of my photographs! They were black and white images from the Women’s March on Washington. One was popular enough that I printed and framed a second copy for someone else to buy. I’m also surprised that this is the first time I brought this up on the blog! // I celebrated International Women’s Day at Goodale Park with a couple ladies from Hear Jane Roar. We also had our second Jane’s Mic Night that I helped plan and it was a beautiful + genuine event. // I spent time with friends while they were on Spring Break. // I made an appointment for my next tattoo! // I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with Chase + my dad at the area dive-bar. It was a great evening and we even got this picture together. // Chase + I had our first bike ride of the season together! Can’t wait to have more rides as the weather continues to get warmer. // I went to Franklin Park Conservatory + the Columbus Museum of Art. It was an afternoon of beauty + inspiration. // I worked-out a ton. I ended up going to the gym 19 days during March and a few days I went to 2 classes in a row (#beast). I am feeling really great and I never thought I would be so excited to work-out. I am planning on running a 5k at the end of April to push myself a little further and meet one of my goals for 23 before 23.

Have a great weekend!


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