What I Wore — Wishing For Spring

Hey there! I decided to take a unexpected break from the blog last week. I didn’t want to rush my content and I had a busy week. It feels crazy that my schedule is still as busy (if not busier) from when I was in school! As this post’s title suggests, I have definitely been wishing for spring. From having a few warm days in February to it snowing last night, I am ready for spring to be here for the warmer weather and the clothes! These photos were taken over the weekend when it was pretty chilly. We snapped the photos quickly because it was difficult to go too long without my winter coat. Before we snapped these photos, we ate dinner at Biscuit & Branch and took a quick walk through the park. Biscuit & Branch is a newer restaurant in the Short North and it was our first visit! I got the Nashville Eggs Plate and Chase got the Paul’s Nasty. We both loved our food! I’m happy to have another place in Columbus to get good cheesy grits!

Dress: Buffalo Exchange ~ Tights: Target ~ Cardigan: Thrifted ~ Booties: One More Time ~ Cat Purse: ModCloth 

I got this dress over the summer from Buffalo Exchange and I am surprised it has taken me this long to show it on the blog! It’s originally from Forever 21.  I’ve had clothes in the past from Forever 21 that shrink, but this one fits perfectly and it’s maintained it’s size. I think that’s one of the benefits of buying used – they usually won’t shrink since they’ve already been worn some. I can’t wait until I can ditch the tights and heavy cardigan to show this dress by itself! It’s definitely one of my favorites. It’s that weird time of year where I am ready to wear all my spring clothes, but can’t get away with them without tights and a jacket/cardigan.

Is the weather impacting your style right now? Have a great Tuesday!


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