What I Wore — Sweater Weather


I feel like I have talked about this a lot on the blog recently, but the weather has been crazy in Columbus recently! Last Friday, it was sunny and 75 degrees, and today I woke up and had to clean snow off my car. People joke that in Ohio (or the Midwest in general) you can experience all seasons in one week and it has felt true the past week. These photos were taken a couple days after the 75 degree day and it was chilly. This sweater is SO comfortable. When I found it at the Second Chance Consignment sidewalk sale on President’s Day (along with the pink dress underneath), I thought the print and bedazzled feature might be a bit much. Once I tried in on, I was sold because it was super comfy and I actually enjoyed all the colors and patterns. I ended up getting four items at the sale (two featured in this post) for a grand total of $11 – can’t beat that! I’ll show the two dresses I got in the future!

sweaterweather7sweaterweather10sweaterweather4 sweaterweather5sweaterweather8 sweaterweather2sweaterweather6 sweaterweather9sweaterweather1sweaterweather3Sweater: Second Chance Consignment (originally from Talbots) ~ Navy Tights + Sunglasses: Target ~ Booties: Macy’s ~ Pink Dress: Second Chance (Lauren Conrad brand)

I’ve also worn this sweater with my corduroy navy skirt and I really like how that looks. I’ll plan to show an outfit remix at another time. Β I brought my Instax on this outing because I thought I might want to take pictures at the park. The one picture I did take (of Chase taking a photo of me) was over-exposed. It’s been difficult in figuring out the exposure on my Instax! Anyone out there with an Instax and have tips for me?

Have a great weekend!


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