March Goals


Happy March! This new month is already shaping up to be a busy month for me. I’m looking forward to attending the Art of the March gallery (where two of my prints will be featured!), celebrating International Women’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, participating in the season of Lent, and everything else the month has in store! This year has been off to a great start. I really enjoyed February (read my recap here), but I’m ready for spring to begin. Speaking of February, before seeing my goals for March, let’s check how I did on my February Goals:

1. Send Save-The-Dates.  Yes! I had a bit of a struggle with the post office when a majority of them were sent back to me, but I’ve been hearing from my friends that they have received them!

2. Contact political representatives at least once a week.  Yep! It’s getting more difficult for me to think of specific items to contact my representatives on, but I’m going to keep trying!

3. Organize desk area. Ehh…kinda? I ended up finding the perfect hutch on President’s Day and we switched it out with my desk. I did a fair amount of organizing, but not as much as I wanted to accomplish.

4. Decorate for Valentine’s/Galentine’s.  Yep! I had fun making decorations and hosting a Galentine’s Day party. I even wrote a card to each of my Galentine’s for the party and it was enjoyable. Decorating and writing cards is therapeutic for me. I shared a DIY Valentine’s Wreath on the blog, too!

5. Make plans for wedding flowers. Yes! I did this last weekend and it was so fun! The Flowerman is where we’re getting our flowers and we’re doing the DIY option for the bouquets and the altar vases. All the other flowers will be fake.

4/5, pretty good for February! Now here are my goals for March:

1. Engage in Lent. Chase and I are planning to read at least one section of The Bible together. I am implementing a “no social media in bed” rule during Lent. I think this could be a good practice that leads into a lifestyle change. I spend way too much time on social media before bed when I could read or be asleep. I’m also considering ordering a devotional from The Daily Grace Co.

2. Start ordering + making wedding things. I need to start ordering some of my favorited items on Etsy for the wedding and start crafting some of the handmade projects I have in mind. I know if spread all of this out it will be easier to accomplish, especially the stuff that’s more expensive. FYI: I’ll probably have a wedding related goal until I get married haha.

3. Take time to read. Like I said above, I want to replace phone time with reading time. I need to get caught up on my 23 before 23 reading goal!

4. Make an appointment for my next tattoo. Eeep. I’ve been thinking about my second tattoo since I got my first almost three years ago and I need to make the damn appointment and do it! Getting a second tattoo was another 23 before 23 goal.

5. Print Photos. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and hopefully it’ll help me get it done having it as a small goal! I might order another Chatbook because I love the first one I got printed as a gift for Chase.

Do you have any goals for March? I’ll be linking up with Nicole at Writes Like A Girl, as usual. Have a great start to your month!


3 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Good luck with your goal of replacing social media before bed with reading! I’ve tried that a few times and have not been successful (although it’s not so much social media but rather Netflix that I just can’t quit!).

  2. Oh no, I’m bummed out for your save the dates coming back. That always makes me so sad when I send snail mail and it comes back to me. I also never get my act together to send it back to the right address in a timely manner. Best of luck with March’s goals, hope they’re going well!

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