What I Wore — Black, White, + Khaki


I have to admit that I actually wore this outfit twice last week. I did wash my clothes in between wears, though! This outfit is pretty similar to my last outfit post (see here). Elsie recently shared a post on A Beautiful Mess about her uniforms and as I was reading it I was thinking that outfits similar to this one have become my uniform this winter. The formula for this uniform consists of pants, wool socks with booties, a nicer top, and the optional cardigan or blazer. It’s important for me to have uniforms because it makes figuring out outfits easier if I have a formula in mind. Do you have any winter uniforms? I’d recommend reading the post on A Beautiful Mess because I thought the reasons she had for her uniforms were really insightful!

bwkhaki1 bwkhaki5 bwkhaki7 bwkhaki2 bwkhaki9bwkhaki6bwkhaki8 bwkhaki4bwkhaki3 Top: Second Chance (originally from Gap) ~ Cardigan + Wool Socks: Target ~ Khakis: Old Navy ~ Booties: One More Time (originally from Nine West)

Can you believe this is my fifth outfit post in a row wearing pants?! I certainly didn’t think this would happen when I started blogging about my style. Although, I have been wearing pants pretty frequently. I am so happy to have found the Rockstar jeans by Old Navy! I purchased a pair of blue Rockstar jeans earlier this week since I’ve been wearing my khaki and black Rockstar jeans so much. Don’t worry, I am still wearing skirts and dresses on a regularly basis and will get back to blogging them soon! Also, did you spy my plum Fitbit? I got it this past weekend as my reward for getting back into a workout routine! I picked the Fitbit Alta in plum because it had the features I wanted with the slick design. I’ve enjoyed tracking my movement and fitness with it these past few days!

Have a great Wednesday!


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