February Goals


Happy Monday! We’ve had some sunshine in Columbus the past few days and that has me feeling happy! I mentioned this in my January recap, but I’ve had a great start to my year. I felt like I really needed the fresh start and the start of 2017 has offered that. After a solid start in January, I am excited for February! I have some fun things planned for February, like a Galentine’s Day party this weekend! Before seeing my goals for February, let’s see how I did on my January goals:

1. Work-out 2 times a weekYes! I ended up working out 3 times a week (with 4 times one week!). I went to 14 classes at Brickhouse in January. I’ve been keeping track in my “Daily Habit Tracker” in my Inkwell Press Planner. I really love my gym and the variety of classes I can sign up for. I had told myself that if I worked out 3 times a week for January I could reward myself with a Fitbit and I got one Saturday night! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it all up!

2. Draft Save-The-Dates. Yep! They are ready to be printed and I plan on getting them printed this week. I looove how they turned out.

3. Prep for Women’s March in D.C.. I would say so! I felt prepared during the March and throughout the trip.

4. Get up at 7:00am on workdays. Not exactly…I’m so not a morning person. I really need to get better at getting up on my first alarm.

5. Finish “Rising Strong.”  Not yet. It’s taking me longer to get through this book than I thought it would. I started a routine of reading before bed and I did pretty well at that in January.

3/5 for the first month of the year! Here are my February goals:

1. Send Save-The-Dates. I’m hoping to get them printed this week and addressed the following week. It’s crazy that we’re two weeks away from the 6 month mark! As a side-note, I picked up my wedding dress this weekend and that has me feeling the wedding feels!

2. Contact political representatives at least once a week. This is a part of my word of the year: act. I think as a society we became complacent and if we want anything to be changed during these uncertain political times, we must hold people accountable. I keep track in my planner who I contact and what about. I might end up writing a post with tips on contacting your representatives because I feel like I have learned a lot over the past month. My strategy is basically anytime I am feeling frustrated or upset about something, I contact my representative.

3. Organize desk area. The inside of my desk has become a complete mess. I need to sort through papers and purge stuff. We’re hoping to eventually replace the desk with a hutch and keeping it organized right now will help when we do the switch.

4. Decorate for Valentine’s/Galentine’s. I’m hosting a Galentine’s Day party on Friday and I want to have it all decorated before then. I got some decorations made this weekend. Crafting/putting up decorations is a great form of self-care for me.

5. Make plans for wedding flowers. I know the flower company I want to go with, but I haven’t made the arrangements yet. I’m looking into a place that let’s you make your own bouquets and arrangements.

As always, I’m linking up with Nicole at Writes Like A Girl! Have you made any monthly goals or do you have any advice on how I can achieve mine? Also, I’ll be sharing more about the photo in this post later this week! Have a great start to your week!


3 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. I’m not a morning person either, and I’m starting to wonder if trying to convert myself is like trying to make “fetch” happen, ha! Anyway, YAY that you went to the women’s march!! I got thwarted by anxiety :-/ And awesome that you’re calling your reps! I called mine for the first time ever last week! I totally relied on blog posts for guidance on that, so I think writing a post with all your expertise on contacting your reps is a great idea!

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