Columbus Metropolitan Library


Happy February! I mentioned in Monday’s outfit post that I would be sharing photos I took of the Columbus Metropolitan Library. It was my first time visiting the library since it had been remodeled. It had been a long time since I visited the main library, but I’m pretty sure we did a field trip to the library when I was in elementary school. I hope to visit more now that I have a library card! We had got to the library right before it opened and there were at least 50 people waiting in the lobby. We didn’t spend too long at the library, but when we had a moment to sit it was so peaceful. It was really quiet even with all the people. Β I love that above the front door (pictured below) it says “Open To All.”

cbuslibrary10 cbuslibrary9 cbuslibrary8 cbuslibrary6 cbuslibrary7 cbuslibrary4 cbuslibrary5 cbuslibrary1 cbuslibrary2 cbuslibrary3 cbuslibrary12 cbuslibrary11

I think the modern and historic elements of the library fit together beautifully! The Historic Preservation class I took last year normally would have visited the library on one of the field trips, except it was under renovations then. We did go to Cristo Rey High School, which is right next door to the library. I really like this area of Columbus – referred to as the Discovery District. I think it would be a great neighborhood to consider living in the future! This visit was one of those days that makes me really excited to live in Columbus and stay longer. It can be hard to be excited about living in Ohio (or the Midwest in general) when most days this time of year are grey. I’m feeling confident in our decision to keep Columbus home for a while longer, though! I love that I still feel like there are new places to explore in Columbus after all these years!

Have you visited somewhere new-to-you in your city recently? Have a great Wednesday!


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