Monthly Wishlist

January Wishlist


It’s been a while sine I’ve shared a monthly wishlist. I’ve been trying to limit my spending, but these are the things that have been on my radar:

Pink metallic fanny pack | I’m not sure when I would actually use this fanny pack from, but it’s super cute! It would be fun to carry to the gym or take on adventures (even though I’d look like such a tourist).

Foundation from Tarte | I’ve heard a lot of great things about this product and would love to try it. The only thing I can’t part with is the price – almost $40 for foundation. I keep coming back to it because of the positive reviews about the full coverage and texture, plus it’s cruelty free make-up.

“Adventure is right here” Print | LOVE this print from A Beautiful Mess, especially for the price. I recently got a metallic print in my HappyMail and I love it. It would be great for my map/travel themed living room!

Pretty Pink Floral Dress | I’ve had this dress favorited on my Etsy for a while and I absolutely adore it! It would be perfect for Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day!

Grape Instax Mini | I can’t remember if I’ve included an Instax on my wishlist before, but I’ve wanted one for a while. Chase + I both decided we wanted to get an Instax and the grape color is my favorite. I’d like to get one before my Galentine’s Day party for the photo-booth I have planned. My local photography store carries Instax cameras, so I can even shop local to get one!

Tree Dress | This dress from ModCloth is not available in my size anymore, but I love the pattern! It would be perfect for the holiday season

Do you have anything on your wishlist? Have a great Thursday!


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