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Women’s March on Washington


Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Women’s March on Washington. Wow. It was an amazing and life changing experience. I traveled to Washington with over 100 people from the Columbus area on 2 buses through RISE Travel. We left Columbus Friday morning and stayed in a hotel in Maryland Friday night. Saturday morning our buses took us to the metro stop and we rode the train into the city for the March. We started our day in D.C. with the other people from Ohio at the agreed meeting point. Myself and a few others got interviewed by The New York Times from a connection on our bus – Representative Teresa Fedor. We had two political women on our buses – Rep. Fedor and Honorable Mary Jo Kilroy. It was pretty awesome to share the experience and get to know the two of them. They led workshops on our buses and gave us activism trips. After spending time with Ohio crowd we decided to make our way to the rally. I traveled in a smaller group with the gals from Hear Jane Roar, a new organization I belong to that offers a place for women to tell their stories and get involved. It was pretty packed during the rally and we didn’t move very much in about 2-3 hours. We didn’t have the best view of the stage because of everyone holding up their signs, but that was okay. We all got lunch after the rally before heading to the march. Everywhere we went in Washington was absolutely crazy that day because of the amount of people. We were able to make it to the march and actually participate in marching. The actual march was the best part of the entire day. I felt encouraged, supported, and loved by the women (and some men) that were acting along wth me. We chanted, read signs, and took pictures of the experience. It was even more amazing to experience the march with women from Columbus that I get to process the experience with. I will never forget marching on Washington for women’s rights and more importantly – the rights of all people. Most importantly, I won’t let it be just that one day. The Women’s March on Washington (and around the world) spurred a movement and we must not forget to continue to act when we return to our cities.

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In closing, I thought I would share some of the chants that we did during the March:

My Body // My Choice

Show me what Democracy Looks Like // This is what Democracy Looks Like

Show me what a Feminist Looks Like // This is what Feminist Looks Like

Show me what Diversity Looks Like // This is what Diversity Looks Like

Girls // We run the World

They go low // We go high

Hands so Small // Can’t Build a Wall

Alt right // All wrong

Black Lives Matter

Hear Jane ROAR!

Also, I feel like this is important to say again – Please do NOT let your actions stop at the march. Contact you representatives – calls/emails/faxes are better than hand written letters according to politicians we spoke with. Get involved with your local party. Make sure to vote in all elections (including midterms). If you are overwhelmed, check out this amazing resource. Remember, our voices are stronger together! Have a great Tuesday!


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