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In November I traveled to Chicago with a few friends over a long weekend. If you missed my other posts on Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, and the protest I attended at Trump Tower – check out my updated Adventure page. I shared the photos that I took in those other blog posts, but I still had all these random photos from walking around the city that didn’t fit into one particular category. I thought I would try something new and share a guide of what to do in Chicago based on what we did on this trip and my last trip!

Things to do:

Take the train | On my last trip to Chicago we didn’t end up taking the train and I was super excited that we got to take it this time. We ended up taking the train from River North to Lincoln Park. It was so easy to do and we got to see some cool sights of the city during the trip.

Walk Around Lincoln Park | I did a whole post about the neighborhood of Lincoln Park, which you can find here. But what I didn’t include in that post was the actual park and zoo. We lucked out on our trip and had beautiful weather. It was really enjoyable to walk around the (free!) zoo and take pictures around the park. There are some great views of the Chicago skyline from Lincoln Park!

Visit the Bean | We didn’t go to the Bean on this trip, but we did on the last trip. Even though it’s such a touristy thing to do, I would recommend doing it and snapping a few selfies.

Walk the City at Night | My night photography isn’t the best, but I like the few photos I included in this post that I snapped while we were walking around downtown. I love how Chicago is a 24 hours city and it’s something I think Columbus is inspiring to be. We even made it to Wrigley Field, which was extra special since the Cubs had just won the World Series! I felt completely safe as we walked around at night (except maybe when we walked by a creepy cemetery…).

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Where to eat:

The Signature Lounge at 96th Floor | During our first night in the city, we wanted to get a view of the city at night. We decided to go to the lounge on the 96th floor of the Hancock building in Downtown Chicago. We had some appetizers and drinks while at the top of the building. I’m not sure the wait on a Friday night was worth all the hustle, but it was a pretty cool view of the city.

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya | For dinner on the first night of the trip, we had ramen in Wicker Park. I had never had “real ramen” until this meal. I had only had those cheap packs you get at the grocery store. I wasn’t pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it! I went for a simple chicken ramen. Chase and I recently tried a ramen place by my house and I didn’t really like the way they prepared it, which was disappointing.

Yolk | We went here for brunch the first full day. There are several locations around the city, but we went to the River North location. I had coffee, bacon, cheesy grits, and a special french toast. Yolk is a pretty popular brunch place in Chicago and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the city.

Giordano’s | Giordano’s is a pretty famous pizza place and it’s actually coming to Columbus this year! I started the meal with a Caesar salad and we shared the  Super Veggie Deep Dish.

Hutch | We had our last meal in the city at Hutch in River North. We spent a while looking for a place for breakfast this day, but I am so happy we settled on Hutch. We started off with nutella dough poppers (which reminded me of Katalina’s pancake balls!) and they were amazing. I had the Pulled Bacon Eggs Benedict with cheese grits (cheese grits two brunches in a row – dream come true).

Is there anything you would recommend doing in Chicago? I’d love to hear them in the comments! And let me know what you think of the idea of city guide posts! Have a great Wednesday! This will probably be my only post this week since I am really busy preparing to leave for D.C. on Friday for the Women’s March. I’ll be sharing my experience at the March next week!


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