West Virginia State Capitol | Charleston, WV


On our drive to Virginia to go hiking at McAfee Knob, we passed the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston on the highway. Chase and I had drove through Charleston before and I remembered seeing the gold dome from the highway before. As we were on our way back to Columbus I asked if we could stop in Charleston so I could take pictures of the building and everyone was down to stop because it was such a beautiful day. We probably spent between 15 to 20 minutes walking outside the State Capitol building. The building is along the Kanawha RiverΒ and is close to the University of Charleston.

charlestonwvcapitol8charlestonwvcapitol6charlestonwvcapitol2 charlestonwvcapitol7charlestonwvcapitol3charlestonwvcapitol4charlestonwvcapitol1charlestonwvcapitol5charlestonwvcapitol9

Isn’t the gold dome gorgeous? We all agreed that it would be fun to come back and walk around Charleston at some point. Charleston is just over two and half hours away from Columbus. This Charleston seemed much different from the Charleston in South Carolina, which is probably my favorite city. I visited Charleston, SC last winter and you can check out all the blog posts I did on my Adventures Page. In the future, I want to make more stops on road trips to take photos of interesting things, like how we did for these photos. As a passenger, I am usually looking out and finding things I would like to photograph, but I don’t want to stop the driver and other passengers if we are in a hurry or they are not interested in the thing I mentioned. Everyone agreed to stop on this trip, so I think I can pull it in the future! Do you stop on road trips for mini-adventures?

Have a great Wednesday!


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