January Goals


I’m so happy that I decided to join the bandwagon of sharing monthly goals and linking-up with Nicole at Writes Like A Girl last year.  I feel like it helps keep me focused each month and I feel like I learned how to set practical monthly goals within the past year. I think monthly goals are easier to achieve than year long goals because they can focused to a shorter period of time and modified throughout the year. Also, I’m super excited to use my InkWell Press Planner to keep track of my goals and the 52 List Project to keep my lists in order! Before seeing my goals for January, let’s see how I did on my December goals:

1. Make Christmas decorations + gifts. Yep! I made some wood ornaments and had fun specializing all the holiday cards I sent out with washi tape. I didn’t make as many decorations as I hoped and forgot to put up the ones I did make (oops).

2. Shop local for the holidays. YES! I mastered this one. I bought very few presents from chain stores. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping at Cheers! and Wholly Craft. I felt really good about all the gifts I got for others this year. I tried to include business cards of the local artists with all the gifts so people could continue to support them!

3. Donate clothes. Yep! I donated two loads of clothes to Goodwill with Chase last week. I would still like to donate more clothes and I’m going to try do that over the next few months as I declutter to make room for Chase when he moves in or we move.

4. Mail out holiday cards. Yes! I really enjoyed mailing out cards to friends + family. I’m going to try to mail out more cards this year. Anyone want to be pen-pals!?

5. Pitch more stuff in the basement. Nope. I didn’t make this a priority like I should have. I hope to do this in the months to come.

4/5 is pretty good considering how crazy the holiday season is! Now to my goals for January:

1. Work-out 2 times a week. I joined the Brickhouse Cardio gym in my neighborhood  the day before we left for Virginia. I had been thinking about joining a gym or signing up for workout classes for a while, and officially made the jump when my friend raved about Brickhouse and they were having an awesome sign-up sale. You sign up for classes in advance, which I think will work for me because I can plan my week ahead of time. I’m signed up for three classes this week and my first is tonight!

2. Draft Save-The-Dates. In February it will be six months until the wedding (woah there) and that’s generally when the save-the-dates go out. My goal is to have them out by Valentine’s Day. I’m going to make my own save-the-date postcards in Photoshop and get them printed somewhere.

3. Prep for Women’s March in D.C.. I’ve mentioned this before, but I am going to the Women’s March in Washington D.C. the day after Trump’s inauguration. I’m going with a group of women and I want to be prepared before I leave. Any advice on preparing for a justice march?

4. Get up at 7:00am on workdays. It has been a struggle for me to be up early and I was waiting until the last possible second to get up for work in December. I would like to be better friends with mornings and getting up at 7:00 gives me plenty of time.

5. Finish “Rising Strong.”  I started “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown this past week and I would like to finish it this month!

Do you set monthly goals? If you are looking to start your year off right, I would highly recommend implementing monthly goals to 2017! Have a great Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “January Goals

  1. Setting monthly small goals really helps me too! Way to go signing up with a gym! I’ve been blowing off that idea for months haha. I also wait until the last possible second to get up in the morning and have yet to succeed with a “get up earlier” goal, so if it works out for you, please share your tips! 🙂

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