2017 Blog Goals


Happy 2017! I have returned from my weekend away in the mountains with my friends. It was great to unplug over the New Year and reflect on 2016 to feel refreshed for 2017. I have a few New Year posts in store for this week and I want to start with my blog goals for the year. I shared my blog goals for last year at the beginning of the year and a recap of them last Friday. I like doing monthly goals + blog goals more than year-long resolutions. So here are my five goals for 2017:

1. Get organized. This is kind of vague, but I mostly mean organization in regards to posting. A lot of bloggers are really intentional about what they post with a planner to schedule out posts and content for a month. I definitely am not one of those bloggers right now. I’d like to strategize how to be more organized this year.

2. Be consistent. I think this goes with being organized. I’d like to have a consistent posting pattern so my readers know what to expect. I’d like to start posting three times a week.

3. Improve photography. I got my DSLR in the middle of 2016 (a Canon Rebel T3i) and I felt like it improved my photography game a lot. I’d love to take a class to learn more about my camera because I think I could definitely benefit on my blog. I’d also like to start shooting more of my own outfit posts with my remote + tripod.

4. Make connections in the Columbus blogging community. I don’t really have many people to talk about blogging with in Columbus and I’d love to be friends with other bloggers. Any advice on the best way to achieve this goal?

5. Create more content. I’d like to generally step up my posting game and I think part of that is a combo of the first two goals. I shared just over 150 posts on the blog in 2016 and doubled my page views from 2015. I have a few ideas for new series on the blog that I’d like some input on. I’ve been thinking about adding a “Beauty” section to the blog. I have an ipsy subscription (here is my referral link) and I’d like to start sharing my favorite products. I’ve gotten more into make-up recently and since I have 6+ years of working at a salon, I can share some skin + hair care products I have grown to love. Another thing I’ve thought of adding to the blog is wedding stuff. It’s coming up on a year of being engaged + 8.5 months until being married, and I haven’t shared any wedding stuff. I could also bring back “Foodie Friday,” which a few of my friends enjoy reading. Thoughts? Advice?

Have a great Monday! Do you have goals for your blog?


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