2016 Blog Goals Recap


I feel like I definitely stepped up my game in blogging this year. I started the year strong with changing up the design of my blog and posting consistently. I participated in blogger link-ups and I added a bunch of blogs to my reading and inspiration list. I came up with six goals for blogging at the beginning of the year and I wanted to share a recap of how I did. What I like about blogging is that there is always room for change and improvement. New content can always be created and old content can be modified. When I started changing up the design on my posts this year, I had the urge to go back and edit some of my old ones to match (which I did some of), but mostly I kept them the same because it shows progress when I have a reader dig through my archive and see the changes to my writing, photography, and overall design of this blog. 2016 was a great year in blogging for me personally. Here’s how my blog goals for this year went:

1. Monthly Goals. Done! I really enjoyed sharing my monthly goals on the blog this year. I plan on keeping this in 2017.

2. Become a Blogger Pen Pal/Participate in a Blogger Meet-Up. Partially done, sorta. I didn’t end up having a blogger pen-pal (anyone interested in being a pen-pal for 2017?). I sorta participated in a blogger meet up by going to the Creative Babes Volume 6 event this summer. I’d like to be more active in the Columbus blogging community, but I honestly don’t read many Columbus blogs.

3. Play Around with my Blog Design. Yes! I can always do better at this. I’d like to have a more custom design to my blog and maybe that’s something I’ll invest in for 2017.

4. Find Collaboration Opportunities. No luck on this one this past year. I sent a few emails, but didn’t hear back. I’m not sure my content and following will produce a ton of collaboration opportunities like other blogs, and I am learning to be okay with that.

5. Develop Better Posting Habits.  For the most part, yes. I definitely did better at this in the beginning of the year. I realized that the past two summers I have lacked in my posting schedule and that leaks into fall. I’d like to be more organized about planning my posts in 2017.

6. ENJOY BLOGGING. Yes! I definitely still enjoy blogging. It definitely takes time and careful planning to be committed.

This will be my last post of 2016 – so I will see you next year! I’ll be sharing my blog goals for 2017 next week along with my goals for January. I’m off to go hiking in the woods with friends for New Years! HAPPY 2017!


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