Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival

chineselanternfestivaltitleEarlier this week Chase + I went to the Ohio Chinese Lantern Festival. The festival is located at the Natural Resources Park at the Ohio State Expo Center + Fairgrounds. It opened on November 25th and is up until January 2nd in the evenings. I had heard about the festival on social media and it seemed like a fun activity and a cool thing to take photos of. I’m trying to get better at shooting night photography and this was a good experience. We probably spent about 30 to 40 minutes walking around the park as I took photos of the lanterns. 
chineselanternfestival1 chineselanternfestival6 chineselanternfestival5 chineselanternfestival4 chineselanternfestival7 chineselanternfestival3 chineselanternfestival9 chineselanternfestival8 chineselanternfestival10 chineselanternfestival11 chineselanternfestival12 chineselanternfestival14 chineselanternfestival13chineselanternfestival2

My favorite lanterns were the tigers and pandas! Everything is so detailed and it was fun to see the variety in the lanterns. If you’re looking for something festive and different to do around the holidays, I’d recommend checking out the Ohio Chinese Lanterns at the Ohio Expo Center! Make sure to dress warm because it’s an outdoor exhibit.

Have a great Thursday!


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