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Merry + Bright at Franklin Park Conservatory


About a month ago I went to Franklin Park Conservatory with a friend to check out the Merry + Bright exhibit. I was gifted a Franklin Park Conservatory membership this summer and it allows me to bring in one guest, which is great for spending time quality with a friend! This was my second visit since I got the membership and I hope Chase + I can make it back to see Merry + Bright before it ends. I loved seeing all the different varieties of poinsettias, the lights scattered throughout the plants, and the unique Christmas trees. I really enjoyed the poinsettias with the cacti.

merrybrightfpc-1 merrybrightfpc-7 merrybrightfpc-11 merrybrightfpc-9 merrybrightfpc-14merrybrightfpc-3 merrybrightfpc-12 merrybrightfpc-13 merrybrightfpc-8 merrybrightfpc-4 merrybrightfpc-5 merrybrightfpc-10merrybrightfpc-15

Did you see the little village? It’s the Paul Busse Model Garden Railway and it was pretty impressive. We spent a while watching the exhibit rotate as the train zipped around it. The details to the model are incredible. The glass bulb tree above was made by the people that blow glass at the Conservatory. If you’re looking for something to do this holiday season, I’d recommend going to Franklin Park! It’s a great place to explore on a chilly day because you’ll be inside of greenhouses in most of the exhibits.

Have a great Thursday!


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