Cheers! Art + Music Market | Creative Babes


Over the weekend I attended Cheers! Art and Music Market at Strongwater in Franklinton. It was put on by Creative Babes, an organization that I’ve blogged about before when I attended an event over the summer. Cheers! is an art and music market with tons of local artists featured. It was perfect timing because I got some of my Christmas shopping done. The market was completely packed while we walked around! It was great to see so many people enjoying the market and visiting Franklinton. Festivus was also going on over the weekend at 400 West Rich, which made things extra crazy. I work in Franklinton now, so I enjoyed spending time in the area outside of work.

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We did a quick walk around Cheers! and then had lunch at Land Grant’s food truck of the day: The Cluckwagon. Chase got the special (chicken and waffles with Wild Turkey sauce) and I had chicken noodle soup. The soup was okay, but his special was AMAZING. I kept telling him I picked the wrong thing. After finishing our beers at Land Grant, we walked back over to Cheers! to finish our shopping. After shopping at Cheers! we walked over to 400 West Rich to check out Festivus. I ended up finding some gifts at Festivus, too! One of my favorite things that I got for myself at Cheers! was a black beanie from TL yarn Crafts. This is my third purchase from Toni (I have a dark grey ear-warmer and light grey scarf that I purchased last winter). All and all, it was a great day! I hope I can attend more Creative Babes events in the new year!

Have you attended any craft markets recently? Have a great Tuesday!


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