Trump Tower Protest | Chicago, IL


I’m about to dive into something deeper than most Friday blog posts. My trip to Chicago was the weekend after the Presidential Election. I mentioned some of my feelings about the election in my November recap post. This election was the first one I stayed up watching the results and I finally went to bed around 2:00am. I felt as if hate and fear won in America and it showed how divided the nation had become.  One of the biggest things I have struggled with related to Trump’s candidacy and future presidency is his rhetoric about women. After watching the crude video of Trump talking with Billy Bush and seeing women come forward of sexual assault accusations, it felt very triggering for me personally. If you disagree with me and don’t see how he has put women down, read this Huffington Post article. But the results of the election did not just make me sad and afraid, it made me fueled to fight. I mentioned before on here that I’ll be attending the Million Woman March in Washington D.C. and I am excited to stand up to hate. I’ve also been connected to a great group of local women that have organized a platform to come together to share our stories and voice our concerns. Another thing I have been doing is making calls to government officials on issues I disagree with (most recently for Governor Kasich to veto the “heartbeat” bill in my state of Ohio). This is the time to act – whether it be by protesting, engaging with other in dialogue about the issues, calling government officials, or donating to organizations you care about.

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Back to when these photos were taken. We were taking a Lyft from Lincoln Park to West Town when we saw a protest in front of the Trump tower in the downtown. We decided to take a Lyft back downtown to experience the protest. The protest was mainly focused on the Dakota Access Pipeline (which was recently halted by the Army Corps of Engineers). There was a large tribal dance in the center of the protest that lasted the majority of the time we spent downtown. Being an amateur photographer, I wanted to photograph the protest and I decided that the photos would look best edited in black and white. I was also interested in experiencing a protest in a big city. It was somewhat shocking to see all of the private police on the bridge and the city police on the outskirts of the area. I’m glad we decided to go back because it felt like I was a part of something bigger. I think most effective protests are like that – coming together for support of the greater good. My friends spent time talking with an individual while I was taking photos and it was great to see how strangers could come together. It wasn’t a violent protest, which made me thankful, and I hope the march in D.C. is peaceful one. I knew I wanted to share these photos with more writing and I hope my ideas came across clearly. I’d be happy to engage with people in the comments if you have any questions! Also, have you read the story about the floating pigs an architect wants to install in front of the Trump tower? I hope it happens!

Have you attended a protest? What was it like? Have a great weekend!


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