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University of Chicago | Chicago, IL


I went to Chicago in early November and I still have photos to share on here from the trip! We went to the University of Chicago on our way out of town because we wanted to see the Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright (seen in the photo below). I went to Chicago with two friends from city planning and being the nerds we are, we also enjoy architecture and seeing famous architects’ work. We took some photos outside of the house and then did a walk through of the gift-shop. I learned a little bit about Frank Lloyd Wright in the one architecture class I took while in school. We took a walk around campus after looking at the Robie House because it was such a nice day and the campus had some beautiful architecture.

universityofchicago1 universityofchicago3 universityofchicago6 universityofchicago9 universityofchicago7 universityofchicago_me universityofchicago2 universityofchicago8 universityofchicago5 universityofchicago4Isn’t that wood door dreamy?! Some of the buildings reminded me of the campuses of University of Michigan and University of Washington. I guess most state schools probably look pretty similar, but I still like seeing different campuses. It feels weird now to visit a campus and not be a student! The campus looked absolutely beautiful in the fall. I am so glad we made the trip when we did because everything was so picturesque. I’ll also add all of my Chicago posts to my Adventures page soon!

Have a great Tuesday!


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