December Goals


This is my last monthly goals post for 2016, can you believe it? I’m glad that I started doing these posts in 2016 after reading Nicole’s small goals on her blog, Writes Like A Girl. I have some fun things planned this month and everything always feels extra special around the holidays. Here are a few things I am excited for: attending at my church during Advent, celebrating holidays + giving gifts, and traveling to Michigan + Virginia for two mini-trips. Before seeing my goals for December, let’s see how I did on my November goals

1. Be more intentional at church. Getting better! I feel like I am being more intentional with how I engage with others at church. I’m developing deeper relationships with people and that makes me happy!

2. Enjoy Chicago! Yep! I am pleased with all the things we did in Chicago. The only place we didn’t visit that I wanted to was Logan Square, but I forgot the name of it while we were there. I still have a lot of photos to share on the blog from my trip!

3. Find a pair of good jeans. Yes! I shared photos of them on the blog in my recent outfit post. I love them. I plan on getting another pair from Old Navy soon.

4. Get rid of stuff in the basement. I got rid of some stuff in the basement, but not as much as I wanted to originally.

3/4, pretty good! Especially since I started #4. Now onto my goals for December:

1. Make Christmas decorations + gifts. Most of what I got rid of in my basement was Christmas decorations. The decorations were damaged when my basement flooded and I decided it was best to start over with them. Now I’m short on decorations, so I hope to get my craft on this month to make up for it!

2. Shop local for the holidays. I always try to shop local when I can, but I want to be more intentional about it this year! I am going to a market this weekend and I hope to get some of my shopping done there!

3. Donate clothes. I purged my closet a few months ago, but I know there’s still some stuff I can donate. My closet always seems to be overflowing with clothes and I need to get rid of the stuff I don’t wear.

4. Mail out holiday cards. I finally made the jump to subscribe to Messy Box by A Beautiful Mess last month. I absolutely love stationary and sending snail-mail to friends. I am excited to send out the items from my first box this holiday season!

5. Pitch more stuff in the basement. Since it didn’t get accomplished last month, might as well add it to this month!

As always, I’m linking up with the other bloggers on Nicole’s blog, Writes Like A Girl! Her blog is linked above. Have a great start to your week!


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