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November Recap


Happy December! Can you believe it’s the last month of 2016? I think most are pretty happy that 2016 is coming to an end. This year was filled with lots of ups and downs for me, but I hope to end 2016 strong. Here’s what happened in my life in November:

I got my nose pierced! // Mini rant because this has filled my brain most of the month. I voted for the first female presidential candidate (#StillWithHer), but the United States elected Donald Trump as president. I stayed up watching the election results and felt several emotions. I’ve cried and yelled about the results because I feel as if fear and hate won in the end. I understand that many Americans felt forgotten, but what I don’t understand is how we let so much hate and xenophobia (the word of 2016 by exist in America. It’s difficult for me to not obsess over the future of America, but I intend to fight for what is right. I got together with a group of amazing women to discuss the election results and figure out where to go from here. It was one of the highs of my month. I will be attending the Million Woman March in January to be a part of history. // I traveled to Chicago with some friends. The above photo was taken in Lincoln Park. // I had a girls night that consisted of breakfast for dinner and face masks! // I went to Franklin Park Conservatory with a friend to see the holiday lights and poinsettias. // We celebrated Chase’s birthday! // I had a relaxing Thanksgiving with my family. // I watched the Gilmore Girls revival the day it was released! //

Did anything special happen for you in November? Have a great Thursday!


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