Wicker Park + Bucktown | Chicago, IL


When we arrived in Chicago, we went on a walk around the city from our friend’s apartment in West Town. We ended up walking through Wicker Park and getting drinks in Bucktown before getting dinner. During my first visit to Chicago in 2014, we spent most of our time in the central city. We walked around Millennium Park, the Loop, and Michigan Avenue. I knew that during this trip I wanted to see more urban neighborhoods of Chicago. We ended up spending most of our time seeing new stuff on the trip, like these two neighborhoods and Lincoln Park!

wickerparkbucktown8 wickerparkbucktown9 wickerparkbucktown3 wickerparkbucktown1 wickerparkbucktown4 wickerparkbucktown6 wickerparkbucktown2 wickerparkbucktown5wickerparkbucktown10 wickerparkbucktown7

Who else is excited about Thanksgiving week? I have a three-day work week and two of my favorite people have birthdays this week: Chase + my dad! But you know the thing I am most excited for? The Gilmore Girls Revival! I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls since I was in 5th or 6th grade, which makes it about 10 years total. I was pretty upset when it ended and totally cried my eyes out when the last episode was released. I’ve been re-watching old episodes since I graduated in May and I am totally ready for the four new episodes! If you missed it, here is the trailer!  I’m looking forward to seeing all of my favorite characters again and the lovely town of Stars Hollow.

Anyone else a Gilmore Girls fan? Have a great Monday!


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