Lincoln Park | Chicago, IL


Over the weekend I went to Chicago with a few friends to visit a friend who is in grad school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. It was a much needed weekend away. We spent most of our time sight-seeing around the city. This was my second time in Chicago and I was excited to go back when the city wasn’t covered in snow. On Saturday we had brunch at Yolk in River North and I had pumpkin spice french toast, cheesy grits, and bacon. It was amazing. We had some good eats on this trip, that’s for sure! After brunch, we took the train to Lincoln Park. Several people raved about how beautiful Lincoln Park was and it was high on my list of things to do on this trip. It surely did not disappoint!

lincolnpark3 lincolnpark6 lincolnpark2 lincolnpark4 lincolnpark8 lincolnpark1 lincolnpark5 lincolnpark14 lincolnpark11 lincolnpark7 lincolnpark12 lincolnpark9 lincolnpark10 lincolnpark13

So beautiful, right!? I sent Chase a text while we were were walking around that I was in brownstone heaven. I would love to live in a brownstone one day. The homes were beautiful and the streetscape in the fall was something that continued to amaze me during the trip. I kept telling my friends that I was looking forward to seeing Chicago in the fall and I am so glad we could make this trip happen during peak season. We ended up walking through Lincoln Park Zoo after the neighborhood portion of Lincoln Park.

I have tons more pictures to share of Chicago, so stay tuned!Β Have a great Thursday!


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