Bear Roots Floral


Hey there! I was going to publish this post last week, but after feeling crappy about the election and the results, I decided to take the week off from blogging. I had a much needed weekend away with friends. We went to Chicago and I took a boatload of pictures that I can’t wait to share on here. But for now, I have some pictures of a great shop in Columbus! Over a month ago, Chase + I went to Bear Roots Floral in Clintonville. I had my camera on me since we shot outfit photos in the morning, and the light was too beautiful to not shoot a few photos around the shop. Bear Roots Floral is a florist shop that sells flowers and does arrangements. I first found out about Bear Roots Floral on Instagram when I saw pictures of the grand opening.

bearrootsfloral1 bearrootsfloral2 bearrootsfloral6 bearrootsfloral4 bearrootsfloral3 bearrootsfloral8 bearrootsfloral7 bearrootsfloral5bearrootsfloral9

I purchased a spiky cactus, a fuzzy succulent, and a baby air plant. Kirstin, the owner, wasn’t in the shop when we visited, but her husband was and he was really helpful in telling us about the shop and different plants. Kirstin styled the wonderful flower crown that I wore during the Dia de los Muertos shoot. The crown is currently drying in my kitchen and it looks beautiful even as it’s dying. I look forward to visiting the shop again! I want to get one of the terrarium necklaces. For those who are local, the address is 16 W. Pacemont Road, Columbus, Ohio 43202.

Have a great Tuesday! I’m going to share photos from my trip to Chicago later this week!


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