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Dia de los Muertos


Happy Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos! I’m SO excited to share these photos that Rachel took last week. Rachel is shooting our wedding in August. When we met for our initial meeting at her home, we somehow ended up talking about Day of the Dead and how Chase + I dressed up like sugar skulls last Halloween. If you know me, then you know that Day of the Dead is something I am passionate about. I love drawing sugar skulls and I love the Mexican tradition + culture behind it. I first learned about the holiday when I took Spanish in grade school. We used to make flowers and color sugar skulls in class. And when Chase + I met we both were taking Spanish at our respective high schools and it was something fun to bond over. We’d even text in Spanish, although his was always much better than mine. But my fascination with skulls didn’t begin in Spanish class. Growing up, we had skulls around the house. It was something my dad drew and made a lot (he’s a big Grateful Dead fan). As an art teacher, he would teach his kids at school to draw skulls every year around Halloween. No matter how different you are on the inside, our skulls look the same. And a sugar skull is especially beautiful because it’s used to celebrate the dead, instead of mourning their departure. When preparing for the shoot, Chase brought up the point that it’s similar to resurrection – what was old was made new again. The shoot wasn’t at all supposed be appropriation of the culture, but a celebration of it and what it means to us. We shared shorter passages of what it meant to us in the blog post that Rachel shared on her blog for the shoot. Here is a good history of Day of the Dead.

diadelosmuertos-11 diadelosmuertos-10 diadelosmuertos-3 diadelosmuertos-1 diadelosmuertos-5 diadelosmuertos-2 diadelosmuertos-6 diadelosmuertos-9 diadelosmuertos-7 diadelosmuertos-8 diadelosmuertos-4 diadelosmuertos-12Photography: Rachel Joy Baransi ~ Make-up: The Beauty Box Columbus ~ Flower Crown: Bear Roots Floral ~ Location: Olde Towne East ~ Our Clothes: mostly second-hand 

Now that you have the background of what the shoot meant, on to the details! Rachel coordinated most of the details, so we followed her lead. She asked Kirstin from Bear Roots Floral to make the flower crown. Isn’t it beautiful? It smelled absolutely amazing and is currently drying on my kitchen counter. Chase and I visited her florist shop a few weeks ago and I purchased a few plants (I’ll probably do a post on that soon!). Kirstin is an amazing florist and I look forward to working on future projects with her! Chase and I got our make-up done at The Beauty Box in Olde Towne East. I hadn’t been to The Beauty Box, but I had heard about it before the shoot and wanted to check it out. AnnaMarie did an incredible job on our faces and I can’t wait to go back to her shop to get my nails done in the future. I first heard about Rachel on social media. I had been following her since I can remember having an Instagram (so the past 3-4 years). I had known a few people that got their wedding or engagement photos done by her and I loved her work. The rawness and beauty in her photos are something I find so magical in a photographer, and it’s something I aspire my photography to be just a little close to someday. It was SO much fun to do this shoot in Olde Towne East. We found the perfect locations to shoot. Chase + I had such a great time with the three artists and the photos are something we will cherish for a long time. If you’re in need of a photographer, make-up artist/stylist, and/or florist, definitely check out these three ladies! I love getting to work with creatives in my city + I hope in 2017 that’s something I can do more of.

I should also add that this song by Delta Rae, my favorite band, was a huge inspiration for the shoot! I’ll be sharing my October recap + November goals later this week! Have a great Tuesday!


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