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What I Wore — Jack O’ Lantern + Gingham


Happy Halloween! Halloween has come to be one of my favorite holidays. I think it’s because Halloween is the only holiday in the most beautiful time of the year, fall. I also love to dress up in a costume, even though I didn’t go to any costume parties this year. It’s fun to be someone or something else for a day. I also love Halloween decorations. I added some new decorations to my collection this year (partially because a bunch of mine were destroyed when my basement flooded).

jackolantern1jackolantern4jackolantern2 jackolantern9jackolantern6 jackolantern7jackolantern10jackolantern3 jackolantern8 jackolanternjackolantern5Jack O’ Lantern Shirt: Basement Shirts via Etsy ~ Skirt (Actually a Dress): Vernacular ~ Shoes: Moorea Seal

These photos were taken over the weekend at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware. The campus was looking extra beautiful, so it made the perfect backdrop. I recently ordered this jack o’ lantern shirt from Etsy because I didn’t have any festive clothing for Halloween (beside a pair of orange and black striped tights that I haven’t been able to wear because it’s been too warm). The shirt is super comfy and I picked the grey over orange because it seemed more versatile and I’m hesitant to wear orange with my red hair. Speaking of hair, I recently went darker for fall and I love it! I’m not sure how I will celebrate Halloween today, but this weekend we watched three Halloween movies! We watched Halloweentown, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride.

Have a spooky Halloween + a great start to your week!


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