Fall in Downtown Granville


As I mentioned in yesterday’s outfit post, Chase and I went apple picking at Lynd’s Fruit Farm and then took a quick drive to Downtown Granville. I had been wanting to explore Granville for a while. We talked about the historic architecture in the downtown in my Historic Preservation class last fall and that was a big reason I wanted to go back. The last time I was in Downtown Granville was when I was visiting Denison University while trying to decide where to go for college. I had a friend of mine show me around the campus and we are lunch at Brews Pub. Chase and I wanted to walk the campus, butΒ it was chillier than we expected and we were not dressed to walk long distances.

fallingranville1 fallingranville11 fallingranville2 fallingranville9 fallingranville fallingranville6fallingranville8fallingranville12fallingranville4 fallingranville5 fallingranville_ashley fallingranville3 fallingranville10

Doesn’t the downtown look so pretty with the fall colors? I seriously LOVE fall. All the leaves make everything beautiful. I was admiring the leaves along the interstate as we drove up from Columbus. After walking around the downtown, we ate at Broadway Pub. A friend from high school that graduated from Denison recommended Broadway Pub and it did not disappoint. I loved their spinach dip and sweet potato fries! I love taking mini-adventures to small Ohio towns. ThereΒ are so many places left to explore in Ohio! Chase and I decided recently to stay in Columbus longer and I am feeling great about that. I feel like there is still a ton to discover about our state.

Have you been to Granville? Have a great Wednesday!


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