Pumpkin Patch Snapshots


Hey there! My presence on this blog has been sporadic recently, but I am hoping to change that. Last year I posted some photos of Renick’s Family Market in Ashville, Ohio (here’s that post). A couple weekends ago Chase and I went back to Renick’s to get our pumpkin fix in. I didn’t want the post on Renick’s to be too similar to last year’s, so I thought a snapshot post of the pumpkin patch was fitting. I love seeing all the different kinds of pumpkins and gourds they have to offer.

10pumpkinpatch16 7pumpkinpatch16pumpkinpatch164pumpkinpatch16 9pumpkinpatch16 5pumpkinpatch16 6pumpkinpatch161pumpkinpatch16 2pumpkinpatch16 3pumpkinpatch168pumpkinpatch16

Have you visited a pumpkin patch this year? I still want to visit an apple orchard to do some apple picking and take photos in an orchard! I also hope to spend some time photographing the changing leaves this autumn. Both of those tasks are high up on my autumn to-do list! Is there anything you are trying to do this season?

Have a great Wednesday!


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