October Goals


Happy October! I’m SO excited for October. September was a weird month. The job that I held throughout college ended and I spent a lot of time networking to find my next opportunity. If you read my September recap, you know that and that I was offered a position (Eeek!). My new job starts in mid-October and I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity. September was mostly a weird month because I didn’t have a routine. I had 3-5 network meetings a week, I worked at the salon more, and I spent time catching up with friends and housework. I enjoyed the month, even through my job frustration, but the lack of routine definitely messed with me. Before seeing my October goals, let’s look back at September’s goals:

1. Start reading, again. Complete fail. I didn’t open a book once! I should’ve been reading instead of re-watching Gilmore Girls

2. Eat out less. I ate out a lot with other people for networking and catching up purposes. I ate out less on my own, even though my eating schedule has been strange. I’ll count this a half-check.

3. Do it now. Ehh. I did pretty terrible on this, too. I had time for this and yet I totally failed. I currently have dishes in the sink and laundry in the dryer. I think I need to break things down within this goal.

.5/3. I had time to totally rock these goals, and yet I did terrible. The lack of routine and openness in my schedule kind of got to me. Here’s to doing better in October!

1. Do better on my goals this month. I’m disappointed in myself for how bad I did, so hopefully this one will help me strive to be better in October!

2. Go to bed earlier. Since I’m starting a new job, I want to feel fresh in the morning. I think this starts with going to bed earlier. I’d like to work toward going to bed at 11:00pm on weeknights.

3. Read before bed on weeknights. Since I’ve failed at my reading goal the past two months, I thought of a more specific goal.

4. Less Netflix. I’ve never been a huge solo-Netflix watcher, until recently. Post-grad has brought me down and watching feel-good TV seems to comfort me in the evenings, especially if it is Gilmore Girls. Since I’ve been watching Netflix in the evenings, I haven’t been as focused on blogging as I’d like to. This goal will also help with goals #2&3.

5. Get organized before starting the new job. I have tons on my to-do list! Since I’ll continue to have a little flexibility the first half of the month, I want to use it to get organized. I don’t want to go into the job with a ton of leftover stress.

Do you have any goals for October? As always, I’m linking up with Nicole at Writes Like A Girl! Have a great week!



3 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. I find rewatching shows on Netflx to be very comforting too, so I applaud your goal to read more! (I couldn’t finish a book to save my life this year, ha!) At the same time, though, you are going through a transition period, so maybe you just need a little more comfort in your life right now. Just a thought. (I totally struggle without a routine too, so I feel your pain on that one!) xo

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