Monthly Wishlist

September Wishlist


Halloween is probably my favorite holiday (sorry Christmas fans!) because October is tied as my favorite month with May. I’ve had Halloween + Autumn on my mind, so I thought I would make my wishlist around that. I found some things from several websites, so I grouped them together by the website.

Great accessories from Etsy: Sugar skull enamel pin, candy corn earrings, pumpkin earrings, + a pumpkin necklace.

Goodies from ModCloth: a black cat mug, a black cat sweatshirt, this crazy beautiful autumn leaf dress.

Clothes + Decorations from Target: Day of the Dead PJs, pumpkin shirtpumpkin socks, woodland creature bust,  this set of cute patterned pumpkins, this fall banner, + a Day of the Dead cat figurine.

Treats from World Market: Halloween pasta, pumpkin spice sconespumpkin tea (I am one of those strange people that doesn’t like pumpkin spice coffee), + non-alcoholic butterscotch beer.

Sweet scents from Bath & Body Works: marshmallow pumpkin lotion, a pumpkin cupcake candle, coconut pumpkin latte soap, + salted caramel pumpkin perfume.

Now you’re ready for Halloween + Autumn, too! What’s your favorite part of Autumn? We’re planning on visiting a pumpkin patch this weekend! Have a great Thursday!


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