What I Wore — New Dress, Old School


Over the weekend Chase and I spent some time walking around the Victorian Village + Harrison West neighborhoods. Chase had seen a couple open houses in the neighborhoods and suggested we walk through them for fun. Both houses we looked at were charming and in great locations. The first one was close to the old school in these photos, First Avenue School. It’s no longer a school, but is used as offices. It is such a beautiful building and I am glad we stumbled upon it while walking around. As much as I wish it was still a school, I’m glad the building has been preserved.

newdressoldschool8 newdressoldschool1 newdressoldschool7 newdressoldschool6 newdressoldschool3 newdressoldschool9 newdressoldschoolnewdressoldschool4 newdressoldschool10 newdressoldschool5 newdressoldschool11 newdressoldschool2Dress: Vernacular ~ Shoes: Moorea Seal ~ Purse: Flower Child Vintage

This is my second dress from Vernacular! I shared my first one earlier this month (see here). I actually saw this dress when I purchased the black gingham dress. I really loved the colors and the style, but the price was a little high. I went back to Vernacular last week looking for an engagement card for a friend and saw that they only had one of the dresses left, and of course, it was my size. I knew I had to get it. I had thought about the dress from when I went earlier in the month. I realized it was worth the investment because it made me feel good, it was unlike anything else in my closet, and it could be layered for fall. It’sΒ definitely one of my favorites!

Have a great Tuesday!


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