What I Wore — Gypsy Pants


I finally got myself a pair of gypsy pants! Is that what they are called? That’s what I always thought they were called and when I looked up “gypsy pants” on the internet this is what came up. I have been wanting to try a pair of these for a while and when I found these for just $7, I took the plunge! I loove them. They are so comfortable and I love how they can be dressed down to something casual or dressed up with the right accessories. This outfit is more casual, and I’ll share how I dress the pants on the blog another time. I hope to add more pairs of gypsy pants to my wardrobe soon!

gypsypants1 gypsypants gypsypants2 gypsypants3 gypsypants5 gypsypants7 gpsypants6 gypsypants4Top: Second Chance Consignment (originally from American Eagle) ~ Pants: Second Chance Consignment (originally from Old Navy) ~ Necklace: Target (old, dollar section) ~ Shoes: Minnetonka via Famous Footwear 

Chase took these photos in Downtown Delaware after we went to happy hour at 1808. We munched on bar snacks and had a few drinks to celebrate the weekend. We had quite the spread: french fries with bacon aioli (SO good), hummus + pita, and chicken wings. I’ve been to 1808 a few times and it’s a great place to eat in Delaware! We went for brunch about a month ago and it was incredible (here are the donuts we shared). I’ve enjoyed trying the different restaurants the past 3 years while Chase is at OWU and we still have more to try!

What do you think of gypsy pants? Have a great Thursday!


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