Arboretum | Ann Arbor, MI

annarborarboretumtitleRemember how Chase and I went to Michigan in early August? Well, I never finished the recap of the trip! We had planned to stay in Grand Rapids for three nights, but we didn’t love our AirBnB, so we decided to travel to Ann Arbor and we treated ourselves to a fancy B&B. We stayed at the Burnt Toast Inn and it was absolutely lovely. We visited Ann Arbor in January and enjoyed our trip, so we were excited to go back to a city where we knew the lay of the land and could explore when it was not snowy & cold. We got into Ann Arbor late in the day and spent the evening walking around the downtown. Before we headed back to Columbus, we decided to bike to the Arboretum at the University of Michigan. Biking around campus was crazier than we expected, but it was cool to see the city while riding our bikes.annarborarboretum1 annarborarboretum9 annarborarboretum5 annarborarboretum8 annarborarboretum3 annarborarboretum7 annarborarboretum6 annarborarboretum4 annarborarboretum2

We saw a lot of pretty flowers and animals while we were out! We saw four deer while we were walking around. We spent some time watching them all from a distance. The fawn was super cute (seen in the photo with two deer). After the Arboretum we went back to Downtown Ann Arbor and had lunch at Frita Batidos. We went to Frita Batidos in January and I looove it! Chase’s mom recently moved to Ann Arbor, so we’ll be spending more time there in the near future!

Have you been to the Arboretum? Have a great Tuesday!


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