Yellow Springs Sunflower Field


I mentioned in Tuesday’s outfit post that I took a bunch of photos at the sunflower field. It was pretty hard to narrow them down for this post, which is why it’s so photo-heavy. It was pretty amazing to see so many sunflowers in one place. There were so many bees around the flowers and a couple grasshoppers, as you can see in the photos. I plan to have sunflowers at our wedding and these photos made me excited for that piece of the special day. I would highly recommend vising the field in Yellow Springs if you’re in Ohio. They estimate that the field will only be in bloom until mid-September. It’s officially known as the Whitehall Farm, which is a park of theΒ Tecumseh Land Trust and it’s right off of 68 before you get into downtown Yellow Springs.

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After taking photos at the field, we walked to Downtown Yellow Springs. It was about a mile from the field to the downtown area. We had a drink and a snack atΒ Yellow Springs Brewery. I had a Handsome and Chase had a Zoetic. It was our first time at the brewery and the sunflower field. After our drinks, we spent some time walking around town. I always love a day trip to Yellow Springs – it’s definitely a must-see town in Ohio!

Have a great Thursday!


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