September Goals


I am feeling thankful for a new month and a fresh start! Even though we have a few more weeks until the technical first day of fall, I have been enjoying the cooler weather the past few days. I’m hoping to decorate my place for fall this week since I decorated the salon over the weekend. My student term ended at my office job on Friday, which brings a fresh start to the month. I’m hoping that September is all about new opportunities and fall-vibes. Before seeing my goals for September, let’s see how I did on my August goals:

1. Practice self-care. Yes! I think I did well on this one. This involved a lot of Gilmore Girls, time with friends, and time with the kitties.

2. Keep applying.  Yep! I’m still waiting on my next opportunity, but I feel like it is close!

3. Finish OITNB book. Nope. I don’t think I’m ready for this book. It was too much and I wasn’t feeling it. I started a new book, but didn’t get too far. I hope to get back to reading soon!

4. Spend quality time with loved ones. Yes! I had a lot of quality time with loved ones.

5. Think of a wedding budget. Kinda! Chase & I got a lot of wedding planning done in August before he went back to school. I think I have an idea of what our budget is and we have most things figured out.

4/5, pretty good! Now to the September Goals:

1. Start reading, again. Let’s give this another try, right? I have a couple books in mind that I want to read. I’d like to make a habit of reading before bed instead of playing with my phone.

2. Eat out less. I probably ate out too much this summer, so I want to start cutting back how much I eat out. I’d basically like to limit eating out only with friends, but only once or twice a week. I miss making meals for myself and friends, and this will force me to start cooking again.

3. Do it now. Put laundry away, do dishes, edit blog photos, etc. This is a pretty big goal, but I’ve been unmotivated lately and delaying laundry, dishes, and editing. Hopefully I can implement routines, again. I’ve seen a couple other people that participate in the link-up have this goal in the past!

I’m only having three goals this month since #3 is pretty big! Do you have any goals for September? As always, I’m linking up with Nicole at Writes Like A Girl to share my goals for the month! Have a great Monday & Labor Day!


4 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. Love your blog and your posts. Your September goals post has inspired me to think of some goals that I would like to attain this month. Let’s see….
    1. I would like to eat out less
    2. I would like to improve my blog
    3. Go for more walks.
    I will check to see how you are doing with your goals, I hope you achieve them all, and thank you for inspiring me to make some goals of my own and achieve them. Cheers, Michele

  2. Your self-care last month sounds delightful! And ugh it is so hard to stay motivated to read (especially when Netflix is right there!). Your reaction to the OITNB book sounds like my reaction to the show–it was way too heavy for me! “Do it now” is a great idea for a goal. I definitely put off annoying little tasks and let them pile up!

  3. Way to go on your August goals! I am really into the “Do It Now” goal. I also struggle with putting things off and letting them build up, which is so stressful. I might have to adopt the Do It Now approach for the rest of the month.

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