Cherry Hill | Grand Rapids, MI


One of my favorite things about Grand Rapids was the historic homes. We explored two historic neighborhoods: Cherry Hill and Heritage Hill. The Cherry Hill Historic District is right off of Wealthy Street in the Baxter/Eastown neighborhoods. It was one of our first stops in Grand Rapids and I loved seeing all of the unique historic homes. Most of the homes pictured had historic plaques that stated when they were built. The above photo is the Cherry Hill Market that contains the Ice Cream Parlor at Cherry Hill. We had ice cream there one night and it was great! ย The third to last photo was the only abandoned house that we saw in Cherry Hill, but it was still a beauty! It’s my dream to someday own (or live in) a historic house!

cherryhill6 cherryhill7 cherryhill1 cherryhill9 cherryhill2 cherryhill5 cherryhill3 cherryhill4 cherryhill8

I’m keeping this post short & sweet because it’s Friday and I’m off to enjoy the day with Chase for our fifth year anniversary! Have a great weekend!


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