Wealthy Street | Grand Rapids, MI


Wealthy Street stretches across many neighborhoods, but we spent the majority of the time in Baxter/Eastown. It’s a super walkable area and there are tons of restaurants and shops to check out along the way. Our time on Wealthy Street was mainly filled with eating, which is what I am going to talk about in this post! When we first got to Grand Rapids, we stopped at The Sparrows (first photo below) for an afternoon pick-me-up (since I was asleep in the car-ride from Lansing to Grand Rapids). The Sparrows had all the good vibes. Chase ended up getting a caramel and white chocolate latte, I went with a coconut bubble tea, and we shared a blueberry pastry. All were very tasty. I wish more coffee shops carried bubble tea! We checked into our AirBnB after fueling up at The Sparrows.

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Saturday night we went to Donkey Taqueria (second photo from the bottom) on Wealthy Street for dinner. We shared queso dip, a quesadilla, and a tostada. We each got a margarita – I had a white peach margarita and Chase had a mango. Yum. It was all so good. I think Mexican food might be my favorite and a margarita might be my favorite drink. The next morning we went to The Winchester (third photo from the bottom) for Sunday brunch. We shared donut holes with raspberry sauce and I got the pesto polenta. A lot of places we wanted to try for dinner on Sunday were closed, so we just went back to The Winchester for dinner. We shared an amazing salad and I got a burger. The next morning we went to Wolfgang’s (not pictured in this post) for breakfast before we left Grand Rapids to head to Ann Arbor. Chase had read a lot of reviews that they had the best breakfast in Grand Rapids and the wait on a Monday morning also showed that it was a favorite spot for many. It was diner-style restaurant that offered plenty of options for breakfast. I had a standard breakfast with bacon, eggs, and pancakes. We had tons of other places on our list that we didn’t get a chance to try in Grand Rapids. I would recommend checking out The Sparrows, Donkey Taqueria, The Winchester, and Wolfgang’s! Hopefully I’ll get back into doing Foodie Friday posts soon – I did take pictures of some of these meals, but not all of them.

Have a great Thursday!


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