Exploring Downtown Grand Rapids


We visited Downtown Grand Rapids to see the Blue Pedestrian Bridge and go to Founders Brewing Company. I got most of my recommendations on what to do in Grand Rapids from Tieka’s blog: Selective Potential. She’s based in Grand Rapids and I love reading all about her Michigan travels! The Blue Bridge was something I really wanted to see as an urban planner because it was a former railroad bridge that the city converted into a pedestrian bridge. Chase was really interested in Founders Brewing Company and it did not disappoint! I tried the Rubaeus Raspberry Ale and ended up getting a case to take home. It was full of flavor, but not as sweet as some of the fruit beers that I have had in the past. Founders Brewing Company was huge and I would recommend checking both places out if you’re in Grand Rapids!

DowntownGR4 DowntownGR3 DowntownGR6 DowntownGR5 DowntownGR2 DowntownGR1DowntownGR8 DowntownGR9DowntownGR7

I got recommendations from a couple people to check out The B.O.B. in Downtown Grand Rapids and we walked by it, but we didn’t have enough time to go in because we wanted to go to Hoffmaster State Park. If I go back to Grand Rapids, I would like to check it out! We also passed a couple other breweries that we thought would be fun to check out. Overall, it seemed to me that Downtown Grand Rapids is still growing with businesses. We only spent one afternoon in Downtown Grand Rapids because we spent a majority of our mornings/evenings on Wealthy Street in Eastown and Heritage Hill. I’ll be sharing more of the photos from those areas later this week!

Have a great Tuesday!

P.S. I updated my Adventures page last night! I’ll add Grand Rapids, Michigan once I recap a couple other places we visited.


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