South Haven | Lake Michigan


South Haven was the fourth and final place we visited on Lake Michigan during our vacation. We drove about an hour southwest from Grand Rapids to South Haven. When we got to South Haven we realized how easy it would be to bike the area. We brought our bikes hoping to use them in Grand Rapids, but didn’t feel comfortable using them from our AirBnB. It was nice to get them out in a new place! We started our trip at the beach, then biked along Lake Michigan in the residential area, and walked around Downtown South Haven before leaving for Ann Arbor.

southhaven4 southhaven6 southhaven5 southhaven7 southhaven_ashley southhaven_chase southhaven3 southhaven2 southhaven1

I liked South Haven because it actually had a town on the water unlike the other beaches we visited. We didn’t spend anytime on this beach because it was wayyy too crowded for us, it surprised us how busy it was! It bothered me when we got down to the pier to see the lighthouse that almost everyone at the lighthouse was on their phone. It seemed as if everyone was glued to their phone instead of engaging with who they were with and admiring the lake and the lighthouse. Is anyone else bothered by this? We both really enjoyed biking through the town. It was so peaceful and a great contrast from the beach area.

Now that I finished recapping the places we visited on Lake Michigan, I’ll be sharing photos around Grand Rapids and a few from Ann Arbor. Have a great Thursday!


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