Hoffmaster State Park | Lake Michigan


I still have plenty of vacation photos to share on the blog this week! I shared the first two beaches we visited last week (Holland Harbor Beach & Saugatuck Dunes State Park) and I have two more to share this week. On our second full day staying in Grand Rapids we drove out to Hoffmaster State Park, which was about an hour northwest of Grand Rapids. When planning the trip to Grand Rapids we knew we wanted to visit Hoffmaster State Park (the others were decided during our stay) because my last name is Hofmaster, so there’s a chance I’m related to P.J. Hoffmaster! My dad was the one who told us about Hoffmaster State Park and I was really looking forward to visiting the park.

hoffmasterpark8 hoffmasterpark1 hoffmasterpark2 hoffmasterpark4 hoffmasterpark3 hoffmasterpark5hoffmasterpark_ashley hoffmasterpark6 hoffmasterpark7 hoffmasterpark_ashley2

We hung out on the beach for a while and it was so relaxing to just lay around in the middle of the day in the sun. I liked how the beach wasn’t as crowded as Holland Harbor, but bigger than Saugatuck Dunes. After laying around on the beach we decided to take a hike in the woods to see the dunes. We were surprised to see the huge set of stairs leading to the dunes, but the view from the top was SO cool! I knew I wanted to get some fun pictures by the entrance of the park (since there wasn’t a ton of “Hoffmaster” signs in the park). I posted a similar picture to the one above on Instagram after visiting the park. Hoffmaster State Park was my favorite beach/park out of all the ones we visited because of the variety of things to do.

Have you visited Hoffmaster State Park? Have a great Monday!


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