Saugatuck Dunes State Park | Lake Michigan


Saugatuck Dunes State Park was the second beach we visited on Lake Michigan! If you missed my post yesterday on Holland Harbor, we drove to Saugatuck Dunes right after visiting Holland Harbor. This beach was SO different from Holland Harbor! It was a lot smaller and a lot less touristy. You have to walk on a trail in the woods to actually get to the beach, which we didn’t expect. We actually went on the wrong trail at first and a woman who was walking her dog noticed we were confused. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk in the woods from the parking lot to the beach.

saugatuckbeach5 saugatuckbeach_ashley saugatuckbeach4 saugatuckbeach3 saugatuckbeach2 saugatuckbeach

I didn’t take a ton of pictures while we were at this beach because we didn’t spend too much time at the beach. We were starting to get hungry and had about an hour drive to get back (plus the bugs were bad). I didn’t understand the Donald Trump sculpture someone had made and once I realized that the beach debris was his hair, I thought it was pretty funny. That picture in no way means that I support or endorse Trump. When we walked back to the car, we saw someone walking their cat in the woods! I really wish I had taken a picture of it because the cat was super cute. I asked the owner if I could pet her and he said I could. He said this was her first walk in the woods and she wasn’t enjoying it! She hated the beach and he basically had to carry her the whole way through the woods, but she normally does well on neighborhood walks. Has anyone else seen an increase in people walking their cats?! I sure have! This instance was definitely the strangest encounter I have had with cat-walking.

We visited two more beaches on our trip that I will share next week! Have a great weekend!


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