Holland Harbor Beach | Lake Michigan


Chase and I returned from a long weekend all over Michigan earlier this week. We started our adventure in Lansing, spent a few nights in Grand Rapids (with day trips to beaches & parks), and stayed our last night at a fancy B&B in Ann Arbor. We covered a lot of ground! I ended up taking a TON of pictures, so get ready for loads of vacation spam! First up is the first beach we visited: Holland Harbor Beach and Lighthouse in Holland, Michigan.

hollandharbor4 hollandharbor6 hollandharbor_ashley hollandharbor5 hollandharbor2 hollandharbor1 hollandharbor_chase hollandharbor3 hollandharbor_ashley1

Holland Harbor was about an hour southwest of Grand Rapids. We visited this beach on Saturday evening after spending some time around Grand Rapids in the afternoon. It was fairly busy even though we got there later in the day. We took some photos and sat by the lighthouse (known as Big Red) and then sat on the beach for a while. Chase mentioned that the Saugatuck Dunes State Park was close by, so we drove to that park after Holland Harbor. I’ll have another post on Saugatuck beach that I will share tomorrow!

Have you visited any beaches, lighthouses, and/or parks on Lake Michigan? Have a great Thursday!


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