August Goals


Happy August! I have always enjoyed the month of August. It makes me think of back-to-school and it will be weird that this is the first August in 17 years that I am not going to school.  I’m looking forward to a new month because it can mean a fresh start. Before seeing my goals for August, here’s how I did on my July Goals:

1. Start wedding planning. YES! Totally killed this one. We have made a ton of progress because I have become a bit obsessed with wedding planning. I even found my wedding dress! The big thing we need to nail down is the reception location.

2. Switch doctors. Nope. Need to do this one soon.

3. Create things. I took a ton of photos and spent a little time crafting. I definitely want to continue to make this a larger priority in my life.

4. Clean out work inbox. Check! I spent basically an entire day at work and did this. I feel so much better now that this is done. I need to spend a little more time cleaning out the rest.

5. Make blog buttonI started the button, so I am going to check this one off. I need to spend a little more time editing to finish it.

4/5, pretty good! Here are my goals for August:

1. Practice self-care. So, I definitely have been feeling rather negative this summer. Most of it is from job-hunting. I am definitely stressed and upset that it is taking me this long. It’s going to be okay. Painting, photography, time with friends, and biking seem to help me feel better through the negativity.

2. Keep applying. See above, but with less stress and more ambition!

3. Finish OITNB book. I started the OITNB book once I finished Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. I haven’t been reading as much as I would like, so having this goal will encourage me to read more.

4. Spend quality time with loved ones. Two of my friends moved away this past week and it’s got me feeling the feels. I hope I can spend more time with the ones that are still here and definitely with the ones who are getting ready to start the fall semester.

5. Think of a wedding budget. Meh. Weddings are expensive. Luckily, I have thought of a ton of cost-effective things to do, but there are things that are expensive that are difficult to avoid (reception venue and wedding photographer). I think brainstorming budget stuff will help. August also marks a year from the wedding, which makes me feel MORE feels.

As always, I will be linking up with Nicole at Writes Like A Girl. Do you have any goals for August? Or any advice on how to complete mine? Have a great Monday!


3 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. Awesome job with your July goals! Finding new doctors is a real pain, I’m putting that off too! Practicing self-care is a great goal to have! That should be one of my goals in the future, haha.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I actually know the doctor I want to see (same doctor as my mom), but I haven’t made the call to transfer my records and make an appointment!
      Good luck with your goals! I am trying to get better at my morning and nightly routines – I mainly struggle with my morning routine because I always sleep in too late to do anything productive.

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