Monthly Recap

July Recap


Anybody else glad that July is almost over? Overall, July wasn’t the best month for me because I’ve dealt with some anxiety and depression issues (this job search is kicking my butt!). Although, I  did have some great things happen in July. Here my recap of July:

Chase and I spent some time with my extended family over Independence Day weekend. We spent time with my second-cousins and they are getting so big! One of them was to my shoulders and it’s hard to believe they are not babies anymore. // I celebrated the 4th of July with Chase, my boss, and her husband by having brunch at Tommy’s Diner in Franklinton (one of my favorite spots!) and walking around Franklin Park Conservatory. // I took a weekend trip to Cleveland to see three of my best friends. I got to see their hometowns and explore new areas of Ohio (the above photo was taken in Huron). I also found my wedding dress on the trip and asked my first friend to be one of my bridesmaids! // I did a ton of wedding planning. // I celebrated a wedding and house-warming on the same night. // Chase and I biked to Jazz & Rib Fest in Downtown Columbus. Jazz & Rib Fest has to be one of the most diverse festivals in Columbus and that makes me proud of my city. // I spent a weekend celebrating new beginnings as two of my friends spent their last weekend in Columbus before their next adventure in new cities. // I went to Bottoms-Up Coffee Co-Op in Franklinton! I am excited to see the impact that this place has on the neighborhood. I hope to go back soon with my camera to take pictures for a blog post. // Chase and I binge-watched Degrassi Next Class on Netflix. I was a huge Degrassi fan in middle school and when I saw that there was a new series and Chase had never watched Degrassi, I knew we had to watch it! He loved it! I think all middle school and high school aged kids should watch this show because they cover so many things that people deal with in school.

My upcoming road-trip this weekend to Michigan will be a great way to end July and kick-off August!  Have a great weekend!


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