Glass at Franklin Park Conservatory


Last Friday, I shared some photos of the Origami in the Garden Exhibit (see here) at Franklin Park Conservatory. As I mentioned in that post, I took a ton of photos and I am still sorting through all of them. I’ve been shooting in just RAW recently, which makes the editing process longer even though it is worth it. I really liked seeing all the colored glass throughout the park. A lot of the glass is from the Chihuly Collection. While we were walking around we even got to see a demonstration of someone blowing glass! A good friend of mine is majoring in glass art at Ohio State, so I have heard a lot about her experience, but it was cool to actually see it done! I would love to take a class in glass blowing at some point. My friend teaches at Glass Axis, so maybe I’ll take a class with her someday.

fpcglass7fpcglassfpcglass6 fpcglass8 fpcglass2 fpcglass1 fpcglass3 fpcglass5 fpcglass4

PartΒ of the reason it has taken me so long to go through these photos is I feel like I am going through a creative rut. I haven’t felt motivated to go through and edit photos for blog posts recently. I’ve also felt this way about my outfits and cooking. Yeah, I know, that’s a weird combination of things. I haven’t been loving my wardrobe options and I have struggled to think of things to make for dinner (which makes eating out seem like the better option). I am hoping that my trip this weekend will help me feel creatively refreshed and give me the motivation to get back into the swing of things. Have you ever felt this way? What brought you out of it? I think a lot of my struggle is associated with still looking for a new job, and I am trying to not let that get to me. Anyway…I am really happy how these photos came out and I did enjoy editing them!

Have a great Thursday!


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