Monthly Wishlist

July Wishlist


Time to see what has been on my radar in July!

“I’m getting meowied” mug. While wedding planning on Pinterest and Etsy I found this adorable mug. It’s perfect for an engaged cat-lady like me. Is it weird if I buy this for myself?

DSLR lessons. I’ve said this before on the blog, but I have been wanting to learn more about my DSLR. I was thinking about taking a class at one of the few local photography stores or learning from someone else, but I love that A Beautiful Mess offers classes for photography, scrap-booking, and more! “Beyond the Basics” came out this week for DSLR photography, which looks pretty awesome. Although, I would probably be more likely to start out with “DSLR Basics.”

Dahlia Purple Toms. I probably don’t need anymore pairs of Toms, but I LOVE this purple pair. Purple is my favorite color and most of my Toms are pretty worn-out, plus they are on sale!

A navy gingham skirt. I missed the ModCloth sale by a day last week, but I am still thinking I might get this navy gingham skirt. It went on sale even more and it’s so adorable. I’m still in love with this rainbow skirt from ModCloth (I’ve basically worn it every week since I purchased it), so I know I would totally get use out of the navy gingham one!

Do you have any items on your wishlist this month? Have a great Wednesday!


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