Origami at Franklin Park Conservatory


A few weeks ago I visited Franklin Park Conservatory with Chase, my boss, and her husband. Franklin Park Conservatory is one of their favorite places to go, but Chase and I hadn’t gone in a long time. I wanted to see the new Origami in the Garden Exhibit after hearing several people rave about it. I ended up taking SOΒ many pictures that day that I wasn’t sure how to sort them. I decided that I could at least start with pictures of the Origami in the Garden Exhibit and then split up the other photos next week. I loved seeing all the different mediums of origami!

origamifpc1 origamifpc4 origamifpc3 origamifpc2 origamifpc6 origamifpc origamifpc7 origamifpc8 origamifpc9 origamifpc11 origamifpc10 origamifpcme

My boss ended up getting me a year-long membership to the Franklin Park Conservatory as a belated graduation present. Now I can go and shoot photos anytime I want! I’m looking forward to going in the winter when it’s crappy weather outside because the greenhouses will be such a refresher, plus seeing the Merry and Bright Exhibit. I really liked the outfit I wore during our trip, but I didn’t love all the pictures Chase captured of me (not his photography, my posing). I’ll have to share this outfitΒ some other time on the blog! The long scarf I am wearing was a gift from my co-worker who went to Italy earlier this summer – it’s beautiful and it was perfect to wear in the butterfly room! Did you catch this photo on Instagram of me with a butterfly? How cool is that! The Origami in Garden Exhibit runs until November 13th, so if you are in Central Ohio, go check it out!

Have a great weekend!


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